Space & Location


Enjoy the flavors of the food and experience the fresh and colorful space with vegetarian dishes.

This is a location in the Cau Giay area, very easy to find. With spacious villa space and garden, Veggie Castle Tran Kim Xuyen is also a place to check-in and enjoy delicious vegetarian dishes for young people.

This facility opened on June 11, 2024, in the heart of the bustling old town, near Vincom Ba Trieu. It’s easy to recognize with its impressive, youthful style, standing out right on Ba Trieu street. We welcome fans of vegetarianism in this area to come to us.

This is Veggie Castle’s first location. Located near the old town center, small, cozy space. Yen Ninh has helped Veggie Castle succeed in introducing vegetarian dishes to many people. The number of regular customers is steady and large, so new food here is constantly added. The food is hot and full of flavor, making the Yen Ninh facility very popular with customers.

Au Co campus is the second location of Veggie Castle. The first time you come, it will be a bit difficult to find because the restaurant is hidden in a quiet alley. However, once they arrive at Au Co facility, almost everyone loves this location. The most “castle” place of Veggie Castle, the space is wide and airy, peaceful inside the green garden. This is an ideal place for large group gatherings, or when you want to find a peaceful vegetarian meal.

Ngoc Khanh facility has just come into operation and has a very large number of customers, because the location is prominently located on the main street. The eye-catching decoration, combined with the arrangement of sofas for relaxing dining, is loved by many young people and has become a familiar restaurant.

A favorite place in the Ha Dong area, with spacious space and convenient parking. Ha Dong facility has quickly become a destination for Veggie Castle lovers in this youthful area.

Restaurant Photos

Let’s take a look at the photo collection of Veggie Castle’s locations.